Node + SWC make a lightning fast typescript runtime

By Artem Avetisyan6 min read nodetypescript

Typescript is great, but the compilation is slow. This post shows how to make it fast.

Hosting Rails apps for free on Oracle Cloud with Dokku

By Artem Avetisyan9 min read railsdokkudevops

Dokku has always been a low effort way to have your own Heroku. And now on a free infrastructure.

Turbo and fast system tests

By Artem Avetisyan10 min read railstesting

Build rich UIs with Rails and Turbo and test them without real browser.

Progressive Enhancement in Rails: why and how

By Artem Avetisyan15 min read railstesting

Why progressive enhancement is a good idea, ways to do it and how to test it.

File Links in the Terminal

By Artem Avetisyan6 min read tmuxvim

Open file links in the terminal

React Hooks I (finally) Understand

By Andrei Popa9 min read javascriptreacthooks

An step-by-step introduction to React Hooks with a Gatsby.js example project

Mithril vs Hyperdom

By Artem Avetisyan7 min read nodejavascripttesting

Frontend framework comparison

Building a documentation website

By Artem Avetisyan5 min read javascriptcodesandbox

Quickly put together a beautiful documentation website with runnable code examples

Keeping node dependencies up to date

By Artem Avetisyan2 min read nodenpmjavascript

Making node dependencies upgrade less of a PITA