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see how we built an industry leading API at The Travel Corporation

The Travel Corporation

TTC has a wide and rich set of experiences to distribute to its travel agency partners and want to offer to them all the flexibility available to its own consultants and guests. To achieve this, Featurist have worked extensively with our internal sales experts and with key partners to build an elaborate and yet flexible set of services to support the searching, pricing and booking of experiences, flights and value add across six of TTC’s world’s leading travel brands.

Patrick Salvi
Senior Business Engagement Manager

What we use to get things done

We love Node.js, not just because it has excellent performance and flexibility as a platform, but also because having JavaScript on the frontend and backend can simplify everything.

We're always delighted at how productive we are with Ruby on Rails. It's beautiful, there are no surprises and it's still a huge player on the web.

For hosting our applications, we're still huge fans of Heroku for its simplicity but we love Kubernetes for its flexibility and reliability in our more complex deployment environments.

We've really enjoyed the huge transformations on the frontend: React, ReactNative, a wonderful community - we're far more productive and our users notice the results.

Automated testing has been a cornerstone of Featurist's ability to release new features reliably and frequently, especially on large and challenging projects.

We're always amazed at how Machine Learning has helped us solve problems we previously thought impossible. It's going to change things in a big way.

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